Multi-Gendered Twins/Triplets

Tutorial on Multi-gendered Twins/Triplets:

1. Download Dr Blueflame by Adari at 
She is able to predetermine the gender of your unborn baby.
 Wise words from Dr Blueflame: Buy the opposite gender fruit at the grocery store in town after the prediction of the gender of your baby. Watermelon for girls, Apples for boys.
2. Get ready by going to the grocery store to get 10 of each fruit, watermelons and apples. To save simoleons, you can buy the fruit after the prediction of gender.
3. Let Dr Blueflame do her job and predict the gender.
4. A Girl!! 
5. Always remember watermelons for girls, apples for boys. Since the baby is predicted to be a girl, eat apples for boys. Eat 10 apples at one go.
6. Bombard the mother with kids television and music at the same time. Nevermind if eardrums would burst! 
7. Ah..the moment that we have all been waiting for. We will see if the formula and experiment was successful.
8.The baby carrier made its appearance. It was Triplets!! Lets all wait patiently to see if the experiment of different gendered triplets worked.
9. A girl! Dr Blueflame was spot on in her prediction! Take a deep breath and await with bated breath for the next baby!!!
10. Its a boy!!!! The experiment was successful!!
11. Another boy! Here you go! A set of multi-gendered triplets! The same formula applies for twins too! This formula worked for me ALL the time!  
12. Thank Dr Blueflame for her help! Have fun with your multi-gendered twins/triplets!!



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