Monday, December 26, 2011

Tips for 100 Baby Challenge

Alot of readers have been asking me tips for a good 100 Baby Challenge blog. Here it is:

1. During the game, Keep the walls up for photographs, the photographs look much better.
2. Pause the game if necessary to take a good photo! I do that all the time!
3. Be as creative and wacky as possible!
4. Take as many photos as possible then upload the ones you like!
5. Have a refreshing storyline for each post.
6. Make sure that the photos that u post on the blog is of clear quality.
7. Have strange and weird fathers at times to contribute to interesting genetics in the family!
8. Get your readers involved! Have them contribute names and fathers and use them.
9. Try to take closeups for photographs, they make the story more interesting.

A quick tutorial on camera movement and control for close-ups:

Press TAB to go into free mode where you can move the camera around freely.

Move the camera by moving the mouse and use the Q and E to pan up and down.
With Z and X you can zoom in and out.
The arrows are for panning left, right, forward and backward.
You can also press W for zoom up.

10. Have fun and passion in the 100 Baby Challenge, the most important element in your challenge!

Hope this helps:)



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